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Under 5'10 model by a railroad.

How Under 5’10′ retains 32% of returns revenue with Loop

Loop’s Shop Now, Instant Exchange, and Loop Insights features help Under 5’10 streamline their returns process, improve the customer experience, and retain more revenue.

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Under 5’10 with Loop:


of revenue retained from returns


of exchanges through Instant Exchange


average upsell per return

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Learn more about Under 5’10:

Started in May 2018 by Elie Robinson, Under 5’10 aims to make high quality, properly fitting clothing for shorter men. Robinson was initially inspired after spending years as a frustrated 5’7 male shopper unable to find properly fitting clothes, and was encouraged to learn that there are 32 million men in the U.S. who are under 5’10. Under 5’10 started with one retail location in Long Island, New York, but soon shifted to selling online throughout the U.S. and Canada through their Shopify store. Whether in-store or online, their mission remains the same: Making properly fitting clothes at great prices for men under 5’10.

The Challenge: A sub-par post-purchase experience


Under 5’10 wants to ensure that their customers always find the right fit – so they aim to make the return and exchange process as seamless as possible.


Unfortunately, that wasn’t happening with their previous returns solution. The solution was confusing and non-intuitive for customers, leading many customers to send back products for a refund rather than considering an exchange. And on the merchant side, the process lacked the customizability that the brand was after, and failed to gather data insights that would help them optimize their product selection and descriptions.

Shop Now helps Under 5’10 retain revenue and upsell an average $1.09 per return


Shop Now enables customers to shop across Under 5’10’s entire real-time inventory when considering a product exchange, leading to a seamless exchange process with endless potential for upsells, as customers have the chance to consider any product in the store. 


Because the store targets a specific niche demographic, odds are high that even if a particular item didn’t suit the shopper, 5’10 carries plenty of other items that could be a good fit for them. By curating recommendations from real-time inventory in the shopper’s sizes, Loop’s Shop Now feature helps reduce customer churn, retain return revenue through exchanges, and even leads to product upsells.

Superior CX for shoppers with Instant Exchange


Loop’s Instant Exchange feature gives shoppers instant access to the store credit from their original purchase, even before sending back their returned item. This exercise in trust results in a great experience for shoppers, who can have their replacement item shipped to them immediately without needing to charge another transaction. It’s also risk-free for Under 5’10, since they automatically place a hold-charge on the shopper’s credit card until the item is returned.

Streamlined QA with Loop Insights


During the return process on Loop, shoppers can select from a variety of choices about why they are returning an item: Is it too large, too small, defective? Under 5’10 can then use the Loop Insights feature to analyze trends in returns and discover issues with product descriptions or inventory that they can resolve. “We can now identify sizing guide inconsistencies or manufacturing errors and fix them in no time,” says Cohen.

The Outcome: Optimized returns lead to higher CSAT, better data insights, and increased revenue retention


After partnering with Loop, 5’10 was able to streamline their shoppers’ post-purchase experience with a self-service returns portal. Shoppers answer a short questionnaire about why they are returning the item, leading them to curated recommendations for their next steps – whether that’s swapping one size for another or exploring other inventory in Under 5’10’s store. Using Shop Now and Instant Exchange, they’re able to have their replacement item on its way immediately, whether they’re choosing a new variant or an entirely new product from the shop.


The results? Higher customer satisfaction ratings, a faster and more automated return process, and higher retained revenue from returns. Whether the shopper chooses an Instant Exchange or Shop Now, they’re able to order their replacement item(s) immediately, without waiting for the brand to receive their return – maximizing customer engagement during the post-purchase process.


For Under 5’10, Loop’s wealth of features helps them boost customer retention, increase post-purchase revenue, and gain access to insights that help them improve their offerings. 


“We’re grateful for all the great things we can do together, and are excited to see how much more Loop can positively impact our business,” says Cohen.

Be like Under 5’10, and optimize your post-purchase experience. 

Switch to Loop and create a better customer experience for everything after the sale. 

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