How to offer at home return pick-ups with Loop and Veho

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Loop is focused on delivering an incredible digital return experience and partners with industry leaders to create the best logistics processes.

We’re professional returns nerds, sure, but we’re also ecommerce shoppers, too. We spend our days thinking about how we can help the brands we love create the best possible post-purchase experience online.

Which is why we recently partnered with Veho to make at-home return pickups easy, secure, and accessible to our merchants.

We invited Nirant Gupta, Veho’s director of strategy, to talk with our COO, Hannah Bravo, and our PMM, Samir Kamnani, about how the two apps work together to improve your shoppers’ post-purchase experience and build customer retention. 

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Reducing returns friction improves customer experience

According to Gupta, Veho was created in order to address two kinds of returns friction, as a sort of counter-model to more pro-friction, old-school ways of thinking around returns.

“We categorize returns friction broadly into two different buckets,” says Gupta, of Veho.

“One is what we call ‘arts-and-crafts friction.’ That is, ‘Let me get a box, let me print the label, get the packing tape, affix the label,’ you know. That sort of thing.”

“And the second one is ‘time-and-stress friction,’ which is ‘How do I fit this into my busy work day?’ and ‘The post office is only open until 5, but I work until five,’” he added.

Tackling these two types of returns friction helps Veho create stand-out returns experiences, something important to both Loop and Veho. 

Watch the full webinar.

Better customer experience leads to better retention

Not only is reducing returns friction a nice idea in concept—the team at Veho has found that exceptional return experiences create exceptionally loyal customers.

Veho customers are 78% more likely to buy again when at home return pickups are offered, which is a significant win for shopper retention and building customer lifetime value (CLV). 

While not all of your shoppers will likely use Veho, integrating a service like Veho with a comprehensive returns management platform like Loop allows for your shoppers to choose the method that they’d personally like to use to return each item.

This makes for a more pleasant shopping experience, which increases customer retention—something increasingly valuable in this day and age.

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Shoppers will pay for the convenience of at-home returns

While you certainly can provide Veho’s services for free to your shoppers, many shoppers are more than happy to pay for at-home returns if it means they don’t have to pack up the item themselves and drive it to a return bar or to the post-office.

According to a recent Loop survey, 60% of shoppers say they would pay more than $4 for the convenience of an at-home pick-up. 

Because Veho allows each merchant to set up their own pricing structure for their shoppers to use the Veho service, many brands offload the cost of Veho to their shoppers.

Some brands even find that they can add a small income stream by slightly raising the price on the option to return using Veho. 

Watch the full webinar.

The entire post-purchase experience is important to profitability

It’s no secret that profitability is really crucial to Shopify merchants right now.

With customer acquisition costs up, brands need to be thinking more about how to drive retention when they’re considering how to stay profitable.

When it comes to your shoppers’ post-purchase experience, Loop is thinking about how to “save the sale,” which is why we offer plenty of ways to incentivize your shoppers to make exchanges rather than simple returns.

However, optimizing your returns is also important, both for profitability and for improving your shoppers’ experience with your brand.

With Veho, you can provide your shoppers with easy, seamless at-home return pickups, which not only builds your relationship with your shoppers, it also improves your speed to resale. Packages don’t have to sit in a shopper’s car for weeks while they think about dropping it off to the courier. 

With Loop, you can reduce your return rates, and with Veho, you can provide a new way to do returns that causes less friction. Using both Loop and Veho means you can provide your shoppers with a world-class post-purchase experience while reducing unit costs on returns in more ways than one. 

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