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Why choose Loop over Narvar?

ecommerce customers

Deliver the best returns experience on Shopify

Narvar started their business as an ecommerce tracking solution.

But with so much focus on tracking and building for every ecommerce platform, their return and exchange solutions fall short. Loop is exclusively built for Shopify, so you’re sure to deliver a hassle-free return experience for your customers while keeping the backend accounting simple for your staff. 

And with customizable workflows, Loop lets you auto-enforce your return policy however you need: require photos, only allow refunds on damaged goods, give extended return windows to VIP customers – all with just a few clicks.

Loop returns

Get a 27% higher customer retention rate over Narvar

This is where the gap between Loop and Narvar widens.

Loop merchants convert as much as 57% of potential refunds into exchanges–meaning additional retained revenue in their pockets. Plus, our data makes it clear: Our merchants see a 27% higher customer retention rate when compared to Narvar’s numbers.

We make it easy to incentivize shoppers to make an exchange over a refund by offering bonus credit. And then letting them shop your full catalog during the exchange so they can find a new product they love–every time.

When returns are as easy and enjoyable as shopping, your shoppers will come back to shop more often, spend more, and increase their lifetime value to your brand.

Coal Headwear Loop Returns

How Coal Headwear embraced automated returns with Loop

Coal Headwear is now able to save time and effort on returns while offering an exceptional customer experience.

After a brief stint with Narvar, Coal Headwear realized they needed to look for a better returns tool—that’s when they found Loop.

Once onboarded, they saw a significant shift: Easier and more intuitive processes.

Together, we continue to delight their shoppers, and improve their retention.


Amazing app, we were using Narvar before, and I can’t express how much better Loop is. We’ve been using Loop now for over a year and have been more than happy with the results making it super simple for your customers to return products while lessening the load on the CS team.



Loop has provided a significant upgrade to our customers’ return+exchange experience. Their ability to process multiple types of returns+exchanges coupled with their excellent onboarding and account management teams have made the transition from our old provider that much smoother.

We have been using Loop for a year and a half and it has completely overhauled the way we process returns and exchanges for the better. It is saving our team so much time and work and Loop integrates so well with many of the apps we use, especially Gorgias. Super user friendly interface and support is always great!

What we offer:

save time and money

Save time and money

Optimize return costs and find creative ways to save time and money at every touch point of the returns experience.

retain revenue

Retain more revenue

Your shopper’s journey doesn’t need to end with a return. Instead, leverage returns to drive exchanges and repeat purchases.


Technical Integrations?


Loop’s intuitive, self-serve portal makes key integrations journey easy and reliable.

customer loyalty

Drive customer loyalty

Don’t spend 5x more money to attract new customers—nurture existing ones with Loop.
Give customers convenience and choice, and they’ll repay you with their loyalty.

sustainable returns

Offer sustainable returns

We believe there’s a path to more sustainable returns. Not only because it’s the right
thing to do for the health of the planet, but because your customers demand it.

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