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Why choose Loop over Narvar?

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To deliver the best returns experience on Shopify

Credit where it’s due: Narvar has a great tracking product.

But with so much focus on tracking and building for every ecommerce platform, their return and exchange solutions fall short. Loop is exclusively built for Shopify, so you’re sure to deliver a hassle-free return experience for your customers while keeping the backend accounting simple for your staff. 

Integrate with your favorite Shopify apps and leverage our return tools to design the perfect returns and exchanges flow for your brand. Are you ready?

To retain more revenue and increase upsell value 

This is where the gap between Loop and Narvar widens.

Loop merchants convert as much as 50% of potential refunds into exchanges–meaning additional retained revenue in their pockets. Plus, our data makes it clear: Our merchants see a 27% higher customer retention rate when compared to Narvar’s numbers.

We make it easy to incentivize shoppers to make an exchange over a refund by offering bonus credit. And then letting them shop your full catalog during the exchange so they can find a new product they love–every time.

When returns are as easy and enjoyable as shopping, your shoppers will come back to shop more often, spend more, and increase their lifetime value to your brand.

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How Coal Headwear embraced automated returns with Loop

Coal Headwear is now able to save time and effort on returns while offering an exceptional customer experience.

After a brief stint with Narvar, Coal Headwear realized they needed to look for a better returns tool—that’s when they found Loop.

Once onboarded, they saw a significant shift: Easier and more intuitive processes.

Together, we continue to delight their shoppers, and improve their retention.

Your brand. Your returns. Your way.

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We’re not just a returns platform, we’re your partners

Loop believes in keeping your brand front and center. We help you design the perfect returns flow while delivering an experience your customers love.

Every Loop merchant receives dedicated onboarding support and a merchant success manager who works to understand the unique ins-and-outs of your brand. Get your new returns portal up and running with minimal effort, leveraging a team devoted to your success and growth every step of the way.

What we offer:

Receiving online order.

The right logistics stack for your products

Loop helps you find the best logistics solution for your Shopify returns. Use UPS, FedEx, or Easypost? No problem. Want to offer at-home pickup, in-person dropoff, or stick with the standard print and mail returns? No matter what method you use, we’ve got you covered.

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Return insights to optimize your store

Understand why shoppers are returning a product so you can keep your store up to date. T-shirt doesn’t run true to size? Update sizing recommendations. Physical color of a sweater doesn’t match the product photos? Time for new images. Whatever the return reason may be, we help you find out what it is, so you can remedy issues and get back to selling the products your shoppers love.

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Best-in-class customer retention tools

No matter the outcome of a Shopify return, deliver an experience that keeps your shoppers coming back. Incentivize exchanges to retain more revenue and let shoppers browse your full catalog during the exchange. Loop gives you the tools to transform returns from a cost center into a profit center, all while delighting your shoppers.

You make Loop great.

We return the favor.


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