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Why Australia’s top brands use Loop to manage their returns



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Loop’s allowed us to WOW! the sh*t out of our customers during returns.

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Why choose Loop over Refundid?

ecommerce customers

A comprehensive platform built to boost brand loyalty

Loop’s platform focuses on giving your customers options to find a new product they love, rather than defaulting to a refund. By creating a great returns experience, you are giving your customers a path to keep their business with you. 

Loop’s self-serve, customizable returns portal is also easy to use and, most importantly, doesn’t muddy your branding. This means a better experience for your customers and more retained revenue for you.

Loop returns

Retain and grow revenue with a unique returns experience

While Refundid focuses on providing shoppers with an instant refund, Loop gives your shoppers a comprehensive experience that allows you to capture new revenue in the process.

With a returns experience that feels like shopping, customers are incentivized to try again with your brand – even if their original product didn’t work out. 

Overall, Loop’s features give you multiple ways to upsell and retain revenue, turning a cost center into a profit center.


How Loop helped LSKD retain revenue on over half of their returns

As a growing business, LSKD realized they needed to look for a reliable return automation tool. What they didn’t expect was finding a solution that also increased their upsell value per return.

Once onboarded with Loop, they saw a significant shift: efficient return processes that moved the needle. Together, we continue to delight their shoppers, and improve their retention rates.


We have been using Loop for a year and a half and it has completely overhauled the way we process returns and exchanges for the better. It is saving our team so much time and work and Loop integrates so well with many of the apps we use, especially Gorgias. Super user friendly interface and support is alway great!

Seamless experience for our customers processing returns through Loop! Our CSM Erin is so great, she’s friendly and always super keen to help with any issues and take onboard suggestions for new integrations. Overall very happy!

Have loved working with the team at Loop. They have been so helpful getting us set up and ready to trade on our new website. We also want to thank Taylor for her ongoing help during onboarding.

What we offer:

save time and money

Save time and money

Optimize return costs and find creative ways to save time and money at every touch point of the returns experience.

retain revenue

Retain more revenue

Your shopper’s journey doesn’t need to end with a return. Instead, leverage returns to drive exchanges and repeat purchases.


Technical Integrations?


Loop’s intuitive, self-serve portal makes key integrations journey easy and reliable.

customer loyalty

Drive customer loyalty

Don’t spend 5x more money to attract new customers—nurture existing ones with Loop.
Give customers convenience and choice, and they’ll repay you with their loyalty.

sustainable returns

Offer sustainable returns

We believe there’s a path to more sustainable returns. Not only because it’s the right
thing to do for the health of the planet, but because your customers demand it.

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