eCommerce Returns Automation

Let us handle your returns. With Loop’s returns automation, your team gets their time back, you maintain control where it counts, and your shoppers get a fast, easy return process. Everybody wins.

Returns Portal

Shoppers make returns through your portal

With Loop, shoppers can start a return or exchange anytime they want. No one from your team has to be awake, let alone available, for the transaction to process.

Not only does automation save your team time (a single complicated manual return can take up to 50 minutes, for reference), an easy returns process also encourages your shoppers to come back again and again.

Loop auto-enforces the return policy

Loop auto-enforces your return policy

Automatically approve, reject, or flag returns and exchanges for manual review based on conditions you set. Have a complicated return policy? Not a problem—we can automate it.

Approve returns automatically

Approve returns automatically, or don’t

Loop lets you control how and when returns get automatically, or manually, approved.

You may decide certain events trigger automatic approval (like an item getting dropped at the post office). And you may decide higher-risk transactions, like refunds, must be manually inspected first.

Worried about over-automating? You can use the Block and Allow List to ensure that shady shoppers can’t abuse your generosity, and still be able to bend your own rules for deserving customers.

automated returns

Connect to the tools your team already uses

Loop integrates with tons of tools to make returns automation even easier.

You can show returns info inside of Gorgias, send return events to your 3PL (like ShipBob), and even fully integrate into an ERP (like Netsuite).

It’s all part of making your life easier—while keeping your shoppers happy and minding your bottom line.

automated returns

Streamline your customer support with Loop’s automation