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Loop returns


Give your team back their time — without giving up control.

Returns are eating up too much of your team’s time

Every return your team handles manually can take up to 10 touchpoints to resolve. If each takes 5 minutes, that’s a lot of lost time.

Easy Return
3 customer touchpoints x 5 mins = 15 mins


Complicated Return
10 customer touchpoints x 5 mins = 50 mins

“The time we spend handling returns is about 4x more efficient.

Automating your returns is simple

You and your customers both want a fast, easy return process. Everybody wins.

Returns Portal


Customers return through your portal

With Loop, customers can start a return or exchange anytime they want. No one from your team has to be awake, let alone available.

Loop auto-enforces the policy


Loop auto-enforces your policy

Automatically approve, reject, or flag returns and exchanges for manual review based on conditions you set. Have a complicated return policy? Not a problem, we can automate it.

Approve returns automatically


Approve returns automatically (or don’t)

Loop lets you control how and when returns get automatically, or manually, approved. You may decide certain events trigger automatic approval (like an item getting dropped at the post office). And you may decide higher-risk transactions, like refunds, must be manually inspected first. Worried about over-automating? You can use the Block and Allow List to ensure that shady shoppers can’t abuse your generosity, and still be able to bend your own rules for deserving customers.

Cassette illustration


Connect to the tools your team already uses

Loop integrates with tons of tools to make returns automation even easier. You can show returns info inside of Gorgias, send return events to your 3PL (like ShipBob), and even fully integrate into an ERP (like Netsuite).

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Make Loop your most valuable customer support specialist