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Attract New Customers With Cross-Border Returns

return policy

Supporting international returns is a must for growing brands in the United States and Canada. Now, you can give domestic shoppers and international shoppers an ecommerce experience they will love.

multi-currency exchanges

Keep shoppers engaged with multi-currency exchanges

Leading shoppers to exchange drives more revenue, more repeat purchases, more positive reviews, more referrals—and less refunds.

Loop helps you capture the most revenue by letting shoppers exchange for any product in your catalog, using currency that’s familiar to them.

international policy rules

Save time with international policy rules

With Loop, you can customize your return policy settings for shoppers in any country.

The best part? You can use the time you save automating returns to build meaningful relationships with shoppers pre-purchase.

international shipping

Create a world-class shipping experience

With cross-border shipping, your digital returns experience connects seamlessly to the physical world. Automatically return products to warehouses, vendors, donation centers, and repair centers—with a customs form.

prevent cross border returns

Prevent returns with powerful product data

Hindsight is 20/20. By understanding what your shoppers send back and why, you’ll be in position to supercharge your growth strategy. All of your returns data is available in your dashboard, or can be exported into the reporting tool you love most.


VIDEO: The return strategies every brand should know

These 3 quick video lessons will turn you and your team into returns experts. You’ll learn how to build a memorable return policy, see examples of what the best brands are already doing, and how to measure success.