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Keeping the shoppers you have costs a lot less than acquiring new ones, and in this ebook, we’ll show you proven tactics for turning Black Friday Cyber Monday deal-seekers into loyal customers who understand the true value of your brand. With examples from brands that have optimized their post-purchase customer experience with personalization and automation, we’ll show you best-in-class tactics for building recurring revenue from your existing customer base.


Build lifelong customers



Your sales may have gone through the roof during the Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping window, but how many of those new shoppers will stick around and keep bringing you recurring revenue year after year?


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  • Engage your shoppers after the sale with new opportunities
  • Gain new data insights from your shoppers based on their brand interactions
  • Convert more returns into exchanges, creating lifetime customer relationships
  • Build the right technology stack to optimize the post-purchase shopper experience at every point in time



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