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Step up your      return game 


Find out why Loop is the perfect fit for your Shopify brand to save time and money, retain more revenue, and delight shoppers.

Our returns processing has become second nature with the support of Loop, and their team has been steadfast in their transparent desire to innovate for & aid the brands that they work alongside.

Powering superior Shopify returns at 3,000+ brands:

Technical Integrations?


Loop’s intuitive, self-serve portal makes key integrations journey easy and reliable.


Here at Kizik, it’s not about the retained revenue we get from Loop, it’s about the retained customers … Loop helps us create a positive experience for all our customers, even those who need a couple tries to get the correct shoe.



We moved to Loop a couple of years ago had a GREAT onboarding lead which made the process easy to understand for our store set up needs and we’ve been SO pleased with them ever since … We’re happily renewing our contract.




Loop has been a game-changer for our Customer Service team and our customers love it as well. It has greatly reduced the number of emails and inquiries and has created a streamlined return process for customers. Adding the option for exchanges has saved us countless sales and makes the platform worth it on its own.

– Vionic Shoes

Don’t just handle your returns.


footwear returns

Take control of your returns

If your returns aren’t built for flexibility, you could be losing out on valuable revenue.

With Workflows, you can embrace flexibility and automation. Shipping costs too high for larger shoes? Customize return fees and methods based on the item. Worried about resale ability? Require photos of shoes before returns or build tailor made warranties. 

You get full control of your returns, and shoppers get the most seamless experience on Shopify.

footwear returns

Embrace the exchange

With never-ending color variations and lack of a universal sizing standard, exchanges are inevitable for footwear brands.

Features like Advanced Exchange and Instant Exchange help footwear brands ensure your customers get the perfect shoe in time for any event with seamless variant exchanges and instant shipping to reduce out-of-stock alerts.

footwear returns

Don’t let bracketing trip you up

Optimized returns are the first step to decreasing bracketing – and while we can’t prevent them all, Loop helps you embrace bracketing with valuable insight into your shoppers’ needs, the opportunity to upsell on each return, and the chance to win over customers with a delightful return experience.

Check out our latest ebook on bracketing for more tips on how to approach this tricky shopping trend.

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Find out how Loop can help you boost exchanges, retain more revenue, and delight shoppers with a seamless returns experience.