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If you’re here, you’re probably interested in improving your returns process—and we’d be glad to help.

Whether it be automating your returns process, creating custom rules to reward your best shoppers, or encouraging exchanges over refunds, we’ve got you covered.

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Loop + Aviator Nation

“After switching to Loop, our returns philosophy changed—returns are no longer a cost center, but a profit center. We didn’t realize how much revenue could be generated through returns until we integrated with Loop.”

– Matthew Solusod, Ecom Customer Service Manager

Image showcasing Loop's return portal as it displays several products available for an exchange.

Deliver a delightful return experience

Make your returns experience as easy as your shopping experience through our self-serve portal. This ensures you deliver a delightful return experience every single time, encouraging shoppers to come back and buy with you again.

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Empower your customers

Some shoppers prefer to return or exchange their items by dropping them off in-person, while others prefer at-home pickup—and let’s be honest, most prefer to do so box-free and label-free. Together, we’ll not only help you find the best logistics solution for your products, but we’ll also ensure it works for your shoppers.

Loop insights product image displaying analytical charts that help users understand why their customers are returning their ecommerce purchases.

Access the return data you need

Understand why shoppers are returning a product so you can keep your store up to date. T-shirt doesn’t run true to size? Update sizing recommendations. Physical color of a sweater doesn’t match the product photos? Time for new images. Whatever the return reason may be, we help you find out what it is, so you can remedy issues.

Image showcasing a line chart growing from left to right displaying increasing upsell value per return.

Enjoy our best-in-class customer retention strategy

If a shopper initiates a return, that doesn’t mean they don’t love your brand—it may simply mean that the item they bought didn’t meet their expectations. If you deliver a positive returns experience, regardless of the outcome, shoppers will be more likely to find something they do love.

So, what’re you waiting for?