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Learn how Loop can help your jewelry and accessories brand streamline returns for time savings, increased customer satisfaction, and boosted revenue retention.

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Technical Integrations?


Loop’s intuitive, self-serve portal makes key integrations journey easy and reliable.

Don't just handle your returns.

Get better returns with Loop.

save time and money

Save time and money

Transform your post purchase process with Loop’s cutting-edge automation, significantly reducing costs and saving time. Our smart Workflows handle unique return scenarios, saving you $4.8 million in shipping costs last year alone. 

customer loyalty

Deliver a delightful customer experience

Create a seamless self-serve experience that feels like shopping with features like Shop Now and Bonus Credit.

With Loop’s extensive integrations, you can seamlessly work with platforms they already use for a connected and convenient experience, enhancing satisfaction and lifetime loyalty.

retain revenue

Retain more revenue

Transform each return into a chance to retain revenue and boost profitability with features like Loop’s Instant Exchange and Shop Now features – In fact, Loop merchants using Shop Later have retained over $1.8M in revenue!

Gold or silver? With Different Priced Exchanges, you can simplify exchange opportunities while capturing the price difference from variants to ensure shoppers end up with an item they truly love.

Wondering why Loop is your #1 choice for Jewelry and Accessories returns?

In the world of jewelry and accessories, where each piece tells a story, Loop ensures that returns are part of a positive narrative. Provide an experience that reflects the quality and care of your products, making every customer feel valued.