Scale your Shopify returns with Loop


Loop is the returns management app that grows with Shopify brands. And makes returns stress-free for you and your shoppers.


How Loop elevates your returns experiences:

  • Provides a self-service returns portal that makes returns easy for your customers and less time consuming for you
  • Makes returns feel like shopping again, encouraging repeat purchases
  • Promotes exchanges over refunds to retain revenue lost to returns
  • Delivers insight into why your products are being returned


Find out why 3,500+ Shopify brands trust Loop to power their return experiences


fulfillment options

Fully scale and outsource your reverse logistics

Loop integrates with Shopify Fulfillment Network and Deliverr to allow returns to be routed and seamlessly processed at Shopify fulfillment centers.

Focus on running your business, while we handle your fulfillment and reverse logistics.

brand loyalty

Automate your returns process to save time and money

That’s right.

Loop automates the return process so you can can save time and money. And do what you do best—make cool stuff people like us like to shop for.

Our return management app not only empowers shoppers to process their own returns, but it also automatically creates return labels and approves returns. It’s seriously that easy.

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Gain full-control over your return experience

Loop’s return management software grants you full-control of your return experience.

You can create enhanced return experiences for your repeat customers, or flag fraudulent behavior for bad actors with Loop’s Workflows feature.

There’s no more complete return experience customization that with Loop.

return policy

Make returns feel like shopping for your customers

We’ve all been there before—frustrated at a bad return experience.

That’s why Loop’s return management software empowers you to make returns feel like shopping for your customers.

Our Shop Now feature enables customers to shop directly on your site during their return, increasing exchange, upsell, and retention opportunities.

Ready to level up your returns?

Book a demo with us. We’ll show you how Loop drives customer lifetime value and saves more sales for your brand.