At-home return pickups are here.


Increase your NPS with the most seamless and convenient returns experience on Shopify with box-free, label-free, at-home return pickups.


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No box. No label. No hassle.

Offer the convenience of at-home pickup

without the added cost.

60% of consumers are willing to pay $4 or more for at-home return pickups. Higher retention and happier customers, without increasing your costs.

reverse logistics

Shop from home, return from home

Unlock a new level of loyalty and increased customer satisfaction by allowing shoppers to send back returns from the comfort of their home. They’ll get box-free, label-free returns without having to leave their couch, and you’ll get increased retention, loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

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Unparalleled convenience without the added cost

60% of consumers are willing to pay more than $4 for an at-home return pickup. With Loop x Veho, you choose whether to subsidize at-home pickups, or let your shoppers pay for the added convenience.

brand loyalty

No change to your existing operations

Loop x Veho plugs right into your existing returns process. No new processes, no changes to your warehouse or 3PL. Veho picks up the return and sends it back to you using your existing carrier. That means less time waiting for shopper drop-off delays and quicker speed to resale.

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