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Become a Returns Pro

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This video library is designed to turn you into a returns pro. Let us help you redefine returns.

How to build a modern return policy

What exactly are the best brands doing with their return policy? Which are the returns tactics that everyone should borrow? What should you remember when building a policy for your industry? Is it true that 67% of shoppers check your return policy before making a purchase? We answer your most pressing returns questions here.

Real examples of great return policies

Here are some of the best return policy pages in ecommerce. What does their return policy page look like? We walk you through the best of the best from Brooklinen, Walkee Paws, and CUUP.

Using your return policy as a marketing asset

How are top Shopify brands using their return policies to increase conversion rates? Here’s where to promote your policy.

Strategies to reduce refunds and encourage exchanges

Here’s how to incentivize shoppers to keep spending. How to use strategic shipping fees to prevent refunds. Why optimizing for exchanges—and not shipping costs—is the best long-term strategy for your brand.

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Ready to redefine your returns?

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