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We’re the exchange-first returns platform for Shopify brands that helps you easily process returns, retain more revenue, and delight your shoppers.




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Supporting over 1,800 Shopify brands:

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Loop + Aviator Nation

“After switching to Loop, our returns philosophy changed–returns are no longer a cost centre, but a profit centre. We didn’t realize how much revenue could be generated through returns until we integrated with Loop.”

– Matthew Solusod, Ecom Customer Service Manager

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Delightful Shopify exchanges

Loop’s intuitive, self-serve portal makes exchanges as easy and enjoyable as shopping. And because we’re built exclusively for Shopify, you’re sure to deliver a hassle-free experience for your shoppers while keeping the backend accounting simple for your staff.

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The right  logistics stack for your products

Loop works with major UK carriers to help you set up the best logistics solution for your Shopify returns. Use RoyalMail, DPDUK or DHL? No problem. Need international return shipping? We’ve got you covered.

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Return insights to optimise your store

Understand why shoppers are returning a product so you can keep your store up to date. T-shirt doesn’t run true to size? Update sizing recommendations. Physical colour of a sweater doesn’t match the product photos? Time for new images! Whatever the return reason may be, we help you learn more, so that you can remedy issues ASAP!

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Best-in-class shopper retention

Loop is optimized for exchanges, helping you deliver an experience that keeps your shoppers coming back. Incentivize exchanges to retain more revenue and let shoppers browse your full catalog during the exchange. Loop gives you the tools to transform returns from a cost center into a new formula for growth.