At Loop, one of our core values is Be a Human First. It’s about understanding that each and every one of our employees come to Loop from different walks of life, and juggle different responsibilities and circumstances. We believe that only when we’re all working together at our best can we provide our merchants with the tools they need to grow and succeed in today’s ecommerce landscape. 

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That’s why we offer a competitive benefits package, and it’s a big reason why we prioritize being a remote-first workplace. Many of our employees are parents, and a lot of them are moms. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, three of our busiest Loop moms talk about what they love about Loop, parenting, and more.   

Emily Matlock

Working remotely has completely changed my relationship with my two children, Jack and Mae. When I was working in an office, we were out the door by 7 am and I was dropping them off separately at day care and “before school” care. Then, I’d leave work and get them picked up at both places by 6. 

Immediately after we got home was dinner, and then because my kids were younger at the time, bedtime immediately followed. I only had 1-2 hours of time with my kids on the weekdays, and it was incredibly challenging. I felt like the days weren’t long enough, and my kids were growing and changing and I was missing it. 

Working remotely, I am now able to take my kids to school AND pick them up. I have gained HOURS more a day with my kids! I am able to spend over 45 more days a year with my kids (yes I did the math!), just by being able to be the one to drop off & pick up from school.

I have a stronger relationship now that I’m with them more, and I feel eternally grateful for that. Our time in the evenings isn’t rushed, and we can have a relaxed family dinner and focus on reading and spending quality time together. It’s so much more than I ever thought was possible being a working mother. I’m across the street from the school and can be there in a matter of seconds if they need me. I am there for them, nobody else, and can get my job that I love done all at the same time.

Both my managers (Hannah Bravo & Meg Fink) have also been working bad-ass mothers, and have always shown immense understanding and support of my being a working mother. I can vividly recall a conversation with Hannah during our check-in during our 1-1s, where I expressed exhaustion and jealousy of some of my friends who didn’t work. I remember feeling very stretched thin, and at home was thinking about work, and then at work was feeling guilty for not being more present with my kids. 

Hannah had such empathy for what I was going through, and listened and kept reminding me that I was an excellent mother and role model for my kids. And that it’s normal to feel the way I was feeling, and encouraged me to take time off if I needed it to spend time with them and get a reset. But most importantly to give myself grace, as I’m only human and am doing the best that I can. She knew I was giving 110% at work and was confident I was doing the same at home. She also shared that she feels this way often, and helped me realize that while being a working mom is challenging, it’s immensely rewarding, and that my kids are resilient and know how much I loved them. 

Jamila Feaster-Rawls

As anyone who has a child in daycare knows that they’re a cesspool of germs and kids are often sick. There has been incredible support from my boss anytime my daughter has gotten sick and I’ve had to adjust my schedule. There’s also been encouragement to take as much time off as I needed to help my child recover or take time for myself as I often get sick afterwards. Having other working moms on the team has also been nice for getting advice and sharing stories. It creates such a positive and understanding work environment.

There is so much flexibility and so much encouragement to take time off here at Loop. In previous roles, I have been concerned about the perception of me taking too much time off. Here at Loop, I see my boss taking well deserved days off and telling us to take more time off as well. 

We also have our Loop days off which are nice in those months where there aren’t holidays. I also enjoy the ability to get reimbursed for massages, gym classes, and therapy as part of Loop’s wellness benefit—a great benefit that encourages self-care. Lastly, I’m given free range to create my calendar and schedule around any events at my daughter’s daycare or doctor visits. 

Hannah Bravo

As a working mom, the truth is that you can really only spend time with your children a few hours each weekday. Working remotely—with a little less “get ready” and no commute—allows me to add extra time in the margins. Even a combined extra 30 minutes between morning and evening has been so meaningful! 

I’m about to take my second parental leave since joining Loop, and my son also had to undergo a major surgery at 7 months old during my time here. 

Through those experiences, I felt so proud of how Loop demonstrated its core value of “Be A Human First.” We bring that core value to life by saying that “The world anticipates workers to show up, and humans show up instead. We check in on the wellbeing of others and prioritize taking care of ourselves so we can show up to Loop as our best, and help others do the same.” I was encouraged and truly supported to focus first on the needs of my family during the times when I needed them (and they needed me!) most.

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