Without the right tools, managing return requests, reverse shipping, item inspections, and refund processing can be time-consuming. And let’s be honest, you have bigger things on your plate, like running your business, innovating new products, and handling other customer concerns. Still, your returns process is critical to the customer experience, and can make or break whether a shopper becomes a loyal repeat customer or not.

That’s why Loop and Shopify Fulfillment Network (or SFN, for short) have teamed up—so that brands can focus on running their businesses, while we handle the fulfillment and reverse logistics. With Loop, over 1,800 Shopify brands offer their customers a self-service returns portal that makes returns feel like shopping again, and less time consuming for the brand. And with SFN, merchants can leverage an end-to-end logistics solution that includes inventory management, fulfillment, and return processing to make their logistics operations a breeze.

This partnership allows merchants to seamlessly improve both the customer experience and internal operations for reverse logistics, and automates key touchpoints including return submission, shipping label generation, and refund processing.

Here’s how it works:

1. Shopper initiates a return in Loop

Your shopper easily submits a return through your branded Loop portal and is incentivized to choose an exchange or store credit over a refund.

2. Shopper receives an SFN label via Loop

Loop uses merchants’ existing SFN shipping rates and provides the label to the shopper.

3. Shopper drops off their item(s)

Shoppers have access to over 50,000 buyer drop-off locations with USPS and UPS.

4. Item arrives back to a Shopify fulfillment center, where it is processed, inspected, and restocked

Merchants can easily view item disposition, detailed statuses, and inventory updates in their SFN app, along with email flags for damaged items.

On top of manual reverse logistics processes being cumbersome, refunds also mean lost revenue, which impacts your bottom line. For that reason, simply automating your returns process is just the beginning. When your brand optimizes the post-purchase experience, returns are an opportunity to help shoppers exchange for an item they’ll love, save the sale, and leave them wanting to shop with you again.

The Loop x SFN integration is available for merchants now.

For more information on how to get started, contact a Loop specialist today.