We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: post-purchase is the new ecommerce battleground.

Brands are now spending more money developing post-purchase experience than pre-purchase: 46% compared to pricing (21%) and product (34%). Part of that investment will no doubt go toward post-purchase software.

Today we’re going to introduce five of the best post-purchase experience platforms on the market today. They all do something a little different, but each one exists to influence post-purchase behavior with the goal of:

  • Increasing repeat purchases
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Driving customer retention
  • Improving shopping experiences

What to look for in a post-purchase platform

After customers press the buy button, what happens? Typically a receipt email is sent with delivery information. But that’s really just the bare minimum that could happen.

Choosing the right post-purchase systems can be an absolute game-changer. Here are some questions ask to when looking for the right software:

  • Will it plug into my Shopify store? Magento store? BigCommerce store?
  • Does it integrate with other apps in your ecommerce stack?
  • Can it drive profits or save costs for your brand?

If the answers to the above are yes then you’ve got something worth a deeper look. The five solutions we cover in this post, for example? YES’s all around.

Ready for a deep dive into the best post-purchase software out there? Let’s get into it!

The top 5 post-purchase systems to power your brand

Here are the post-purchase platforms we’ll focus on today:

  1. Loop Returns
  2. Klaviyo
  3. Okendo
  4. Malomo
  5. Gorgias

1. Loop Returns

Loop is the exchange-first returns platform for Shopify brands looking to take control of customer experience at the returns touchpoint. For most ecommerce brands, returns are a fact of life. But Loop is helping brands see that returns can actually be a huge profit center.

Apparel brand Chubbies was able to increase their customer LTV by 100% using returns alone. Using an always-on returns portal & customizable workflows + automation, brands can ensure customer satisfaction while retaining revenue all at once.

Loop comes with a suite of tools that help brands promote an exchange-first return policy. For example, Loop-only features like Instant Exchanges allow customers to receive their new products before they’ve even sent back their returns.

When used in tandem, Loop’s features drive returns down & help keep revenue in your brand where it belongs. Customer engagement is managed through automated emails that occur all the way along the returns journey. The result? Customers are happy enough to come back again and again and again.

2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a software solution designed to help brands manage their post-purchase emails + more. Much more actually!

With Klaviyo you get complete control of your post-purchase communications. You can build email automation targeting any point along the customer journey. Cross-sell, engage, track – it’s all possible.

Add some great pre-built templates and email-building tools (like dynamic data blocks & personalization) and you’ve got an ecommerce solution that is making everyone happy – buyers and brands alike.

3. Okendo

Okendo bills itself as “the new standard in customer reviews”. While that may sound like a lofty claim, the features and strategy built around this solution are top-notch. They count brands like Knix, Crunchy Roll, and Skims among their satisfied users – something majorly right must be going down.

If you’re looking for an easy way to source reviews for your product or service, this is the tool to use. Sure, you could just send an email and ask for customer feedback, but why stop there? Okendo gives users a full suite of tools designed to automate & maximize the review collection process.

Using Okendo, brands will be able to source reviews via social media, collect user-generated content, and build their presence across a series of reviews platforms. If it’s social proof you’re after, Okendo is a great horse to bet on.

4. Malomo

Order tracking just got way, way better with Malomo. If you want to provide the best possible delivery experience for your customers, check out this platform right away.

Malomo lets brands create unique post-purchase flows keep customers updated & provide upsell opportunities for brands. Malomo says that customers check tracking 4 – 6 times per order… why waste that chance to engage with them!

It’s not only about generating new. With Malomo you’ll be limiting waste as well. Reduce customer inquiries and create predictive automations that trigger based on customer action. The net result is a smooth package shipping process that will create smiles – not support tickets.

5. Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer service platform that works with Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce stores. Essentially it’s a helpdesk that allows your customer team to address support tickets, engage in live chat, and display any/all customer data as needed.

A platform like Gorgias is obviously a huge step up from email & online spreadsheets. Entire customer service teams can be built around this single solution. No wonder it has a 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store!

This is a seriously customizable set of tools for your service team. Users are even able to develop workflows and automations to make serving customers even easier. One example: you can answer questions automatically in a chatbot that also references customer data in real-time.

Wrapping up

If every ecommerce brand had the above platforms in their software stack, the world would be a much better place. With happy customers & relaxed customer support teams, who knows how much your business can grow?

Time to break down the fourth wall: Hi! We’re the makers of Loop – did you notice? We’re one of the apps on this list. We’d love to get you into a demo so we can show you the true power of returns. If that sounds like a plan, book a demo with our team now.

By the way, demos are free, inspirational, and may give you goosebumps. Talk to you soon!