I want to start by saying, we don’t recommend copying another policy. You should be building one that is tailored to your products and your customer. But… everyone can use a little inspiration now and again.

If you are looking for the best return policy examples in ecommerce, you are in the right place. We are going to give you five examples that are worthy of copying.

5 return policy examples to inspire your own

1. Mizzen + Main

The founders of Mizzen + Main launched their men’s apparel brand as a way to combine comfort and flexibility with fit and style. Mizzen + Main designs shirts to fit the lifestyle of its customers and combines science with the perfect blend of fibers to create the best products possible.

Why Mizzen + Main’s return policy is an example worth copying:

  • It’s short and sweet. In just a few sentences, Mizzen + Main captures the key points of its return policy. Not only is this convenient for customers who want answers at a glance, but it also demonstrates that there are no loopholes or fees buried in the policy. This inspires trust and makes it more likely that the 67% of shoppers who are checking the returns page before making a purchase will convert. 
  • Free shipping on returns. Mizzen + Main is one of those stand-out brands that offers free shipping on returns – and makes sure customers know by putting this as the first sentence in the policy and referencing it all over the site. This reduces the perceived risk of making the purchase, especially if this is someone’s first time shopping with Mizzen + Main.
  • Encourages exchanges. We love that Mizzen + Main takes a strategic approach to its return window. Instead of offering the same number of days for refunds and exchanges, the brand offers 30 days for the former and 90 days for the latter. This is an effective way to drive customers toward an exchange over a refund, which can lead to continued customer relationships, retained revenue, and higher AOV. 

2. Knix

Knix is an intimates brand that was founded with the goal of transforming an underwear market that had too much frill and not enough function. The company has always been focused on helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin by creating innovative products like lightweight anti-chafing shorts, wireless bras, and overnight period protection underwear.

Why Knix’s return policy is an example worth copying:

  • It’s clear and informative. Knix’s return policy uses simple and clear language to outline the key information customers want to know. The return policy is also incredibly easy to navigate since everything is organized by product category, allowing people to jump to whichever section is relevant to them. 
  • They show you exactly where to start. Knix doesn’t leave customers wondering how to start a return. It’s the first thing you see when you navigate to their returns page.
  • Customers are front and center. It’s clear that Knix cares deeply about serving its customers. Even though the brand presents all the necessary information in the return policy, there are also additional support systems in place – such as personal fit consultations and an email address to reach out to – that ensures customers are getting all the help they need to identify and purchase the right product.

3. Baseballism

Baseballism is an apparel brand on a mission to cultivate an off-the-field passion for the sport. The brand has a loyal community of customers and is focused on giving them the best experience possible through its top-notch policies and products. 

Why Baseballism is return policy example worth copying:

  • The return process is intuitive. A good return policy has a clear call-to-action that makes it easy for customers to start the return process. Baseballism’s return policy does a great job with this by featuring a single link on its entire return page – which leads directly to its automated returns portal. So even if customers don’t read anything else in the policy, they intuitively know how to start the returns process.
  • They incentivize an exchange. When a customer requests a refund at Baseballism they are presented with a choice. Take the refund or use the value of the return plus a bonus credit to shop for something new. This strategy now accounts for 14% of their returns and generated an extra $10,000 in upsells.
  • Faster, easier exchanges. We also love how easy Baseballism makes the exchange process. The brand lets customers select the new item they want and download their return label directly through the portal. Even better? The newly selected item gets shipped out as soon as the return label is scanned in at the post office. This gets the exchanged product in their hands faster.

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is an apparel brand that markets and sells outdoor clothing. The company’s values are centered around building the best product, causing no unnecessary harm, using business to protect nature, and not being bound by convention. 

Why Patagonia’s return policy is an example worth copying:

  • Gives customers more options. The ultimate goal of returns is to have less of them – especially for sustainability-focused brands. Patagonia approaches this issue creatively through its return policy by offering the standard refunds and exchanges, as well as the option to send in an item to be repaired. This prevents unnecessary returns and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Includes links to more information. We also appreciate that Patagonia’s return policy includes links to more information – such as a DIY repair guide and information about its warranty. This is an effective way to proactively address customer questions without overwhelming the actual return policy page with too much text.

5. Brooklinen

Brooklinen was built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price. The brand’s core values are built around delivering amazing products, a better experience, personal touches, and an efficient supply chain. 

Why Brooklinen is a return policy example worth copying:

  • The policy reflects the brand’s values. Just by looking at Brooklinen’s return policy, it’s clear what the company’s values are. Not only does the brand offer an entire year for returns, as well as free shipping, but there’s also a quality guarantee on all its products. These policies demonstrate Brooklinen’s commitment to providing the best experience possible for its customers. 
  • The interface is visual and simple. Brooklinen is able to convey its return policy in just a few sentences. The rest of the page is populated with simple, eye-catching icons that direct customers to the next step in their return process. The experience is clear, seamless, and incredibly easy to engage with.

Feeling inspired by these examples? We encourage you to take the bits and pieces you love from each of these awesome brands and use them to craft a customer-centric return policy of your own. If you need some help, get in touch to find out how Loop can help create a returns experience your customers love.