Future of Returns – Your Roadmap to Success in 2023

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The future of returns is bright.

More and more Shopify merchants are beginning to realize that optimizing their return experience with a return management platform like Loop offers multiple benefits. 

For one, it makes return processing easier for both merchants and their customers. It also lowers return costs, a key element as shipping and handling costs continue to rise.

Plus, it puts more money back into merchants’ pockets—Loop’s exclusive revenue retaining features unlock up to 30% growth through returns alone.

That’s why we recently spoke with Wyatt Gilmore, Grant Stone’s CEO, and Tommy Lee, Del Toro’s Director of Operations. So we could get a better understanding of how they use Loop to grow their businesses.

And to uncover actionable insights to help you replicate their results.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Grant Stone and Del Toro’s return metrics and performance before and after Loop
  • How to leverage returns as a customer retention and profitability strategy
  • Why return handling fees are growing in popularity and how to use them effectively

And much more.

We’re proud to share that both Grant Stone and Del Toro have found Loop’s return management platform to be well worth it.

Today, both merchants believe Loop to be an integral part of their customer experience and path to profitability.

Let’s dive in.

How using Loop transformed Grant Stone’s returns

Prior to using Loop, Grant Stone understood the value and importance of offering a top-tier customer experience.

As a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, they’re keenly focused on making customers happy by offering enjoyable experiences throughout the entire shopping experience.

Between keeping customers happy and managing the complexities of return management and inventory tracking, they realized that they needed a return management platform like Loop to take them to the next level.

Grant Stone’s results while using Loop (2021 vs 2022):

  • 88% increase in GMV
  • 234% increase in retained revenue
  • 47% increase in upsell value per return

Today, Loop’s return management platform empowers Grant Stone to delight their customers with an easy, automated return experience, while gaining the benefit of improved profitability.

For example, their boots come in 42 sizes/variants because they want their customers to find the perfect fit. Unfortunately, that makes the return management and inventory tracking part of the equation super challenging.

Think about it. If a shopper elects to process an exchange (a good thing!) they may select an exchange item that’s actually unavailable (a bad thing!).

But by leveraging Loop’s return management platform, Grant Stone (and their customers) don’t have to worry about that. And the same goes to return handling fees.

For their first three to four years, Grant Stone didn’t charge for returns. Yet, today’s rising shipping and handling costs forced them to implement a return fee. Especially once they found a certain percentage of their returns couldn’t be resold. 

But that’s not necessarily bad. Because with Loop, they’re using return handling fees smartly, and their customers remain happy thanks to their return and (new) exchanges policy. Regardless of the fees.

How Del Toro uses Loop to grow their business efficiently

Del Toro’s story isn’t too different from Grant Stone’s. Prior to using Loop, Del Toro used to process returns manually.

That means they had to keep track of customers, their original order, and their exchange request all while managing their inventory levels. 

Their return experience prior to using Loop was clunky, challenging, and inconvenient for both their internal teams and their customers. Not to mention, they were missing out on leveraging their returns to improve their profitability.

That’s when they called Loop.

Del Toro’s results while using Loop (2021 vs 2022):

  • 106% increase in GMV
  • 19% decrease in refund rate
  • $1.91 average upsell value per return

Today, Del Toro’s returns contribute to their profitability. They keep their customers happy. And they’ve scaled their business without needing to add unnecessary headcount.

Del Toro now understands another fundamental pillar of returns, customer satisfaction.

That’s right.

Del Toro’s a high-end brand, and they want to ensure that their customers feel the love at all parts of their shopping experience. And that includes the post-purchase experience.

With Loop, Del Toro makes it as easy as possible for customers to process their own returns (and exchanges), which keeps them happy and coming back to shop again and again.

Ultimately, both brands understand that returns are an important part of the customer journey.

Today, they’re a part of more than 1,800 Shopify merchants who use Loop’s return management platform to make more money, lower their costs, and keep customers happier.

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